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Executive summary

we believe

Embracing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 (blockchain) is beneficial and essential for philanthropy and nonprofit work in the digital age.

We argue for a shift from traditional practices towards more experimental, inclusive, and equitable approaches to solving societal challenges. By leveraging these technologies, philanthropic organizations can enhance efficiency, impact, and reach, ensuring that the benefits of innovation extend to all, particularly the most marginalized communities.

This paper serves as a call for concerted effort to educate and engage these communities in the technological revolution, empowering them to shape their futures positively.

you will learn

You will learn about the transformative potential of AI and Web3 technologies in philanthropy and nonprofit work.

We’ll outline how these technologies can address longstanding coordination problems, reduce administrative burdens, and democratize access to funding and resources.

We emphasize the importance of inclusive innovation, urging stakeholders to ensure that emerging technologies do not widen existing disparities but rather serve as tools for economic justice and societal advancement.

Through real-world examples, we aim to inspire readers to actively participate in shaping a future where technology amplifies social impact and equity.


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Ron Rivers

Ron Rivers headshot

Ron is the author of Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis and a co-founding member of the 501c3 (pending) SpiritDAO. He speaks about the intersection of spirit and system as a means of transcending the crisis and is a thought leader in blockchain-based community infrastructure.

Professionally, his experiences include software development, Partnerships, 501c3 Executive Director, web2 founder w/ exit, community organizer, Dad, and BJJ Blackbelt. Over the past two years, he raised over $1M for grassroots nonprofits. Learn more.

Eleazar Adjehoun

Eleazar Adjehoun headshot

Eleazar is an advocate for access and strategic partnerships leader.  A believer in the transformative power of radical imagination and collective action, Eleazar speaks about leveraging technology to bridge gaps in service of an inclusive innovation economy.

Experiences include national partnership development efforts across diverse sectors, including philanthropy, technology, government, youth justice, anti-trafficking, mindfulness, economic empowerment, outdoor education, and workforce development. Learn more.

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